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by Ruel Joyner February 26, 2015

 Here at 24e Design Co. we offer a wide variety of customizable modern furniture, and a large part of that capability is due to the collaborations we have erected with local designers, artists, craftsman and visionaries.


Our showroom offers custom furniture pieces made from sustainably reclaimed and harvested slabs that are made to our clients' specifications and needs. For example, many of our furniture pieces are made using reclaimed long leaf pine roofing bards, floor joists and exterior siding from homes in the Victorian district of Savannah. Additional reclaimed slab types include Hart Pine, Black Walnut and Coastal Maple woods. These pieces are full of character and can be made in any size or height, with a wide variety of options depending on available reclaimed materials.

Stop by our showroom and check out the many custom dining tables made from sustainable reclaimed and harvested woods indigenous to Georgia and the Southeastern coastal region. These modern tables are made to measure with a wide range of bases that’ll complement any existing space. We are proud of our Savannah roots, which shows though our locally sourced custom creations. We'd love to help you create the perfect table for your home: with the right size, the right finish, and the right base. We'll build the table your grandchildren will be fighting over!


Whether folks are buying one-of-a-kind products or pieces that are American made, the idea of shopping locally and supporting local products is gaining importance for many people. Buying local is more than a trend or fad, it’s a commitment to what makes your home unique and being able to share that with others. There’s no sacrifice in locally made, but rather a fostering of uniqueness, beauty and pride in what Savannah has to offer from its past for you and your home's future.



Ruel Joyner
Ruel Joyner