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Schiffer Military - The "C" Planes

During the American Civil War, General Nathan Bedford Forrest stated that in order to win a battle, "you had to get there the firstest with the mostest". Today in military parlance the "C" designation means only one thing-getting there first with the most! Cargo aircraft are the backbone of today\s military operations. From Operation Vittles to Operation Desert Storm, without the "C" planes the battles would have been lost. This new book is the definitive history of every cargo aircraft that displayed the American flag, from the commercial Douglas C-1 built in 1925, to the newest C-33 designation given to a potential commercial, off-the-shelf transport aircraft to supplement the C-17. The authors have attempted to trace the roots of each of the "C" aircraft. Bill Holder is also the auhtor of McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle: A Photo Chronicle(with Mike Wallace), and One-of-a-Kind Research Aircraft: A History of In-Flight Simulators, Testbeds & Prototypes(with Steve Markman)-both titles are
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