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Jim Cone is a native of Savannah and presently lives on Talahi Island -just east of Savannah. His creative spirit is prevalent throughout his wide range of works. Artistic relevance is the foundation of self-expression for Cone. He looks at broken glass, pottery, rusty metal, and random pieces of wood and sees "something beautiful" about to happen. He also paints extensively in oil on canvas and has emerged into his own style neo-cubism which is heavily incorporated in many of his works. He has often said, "Picasso kicked open the door of cubism and I walked through and went my own way." Savannah is a consistent theme in Cone's work, be it found objects in his works originating from Savannah, or having beautiful Savannah as the backdrop for his creations, Savannah becomes resident. Many glass and pottery objects in Cone's works are dated from the 1700's and 1800's and are from historic Savannah. Cone has a natural creative spirit and has formal art training as well. Cone has several "series" in continuous development. New work advances as Cone's creative energy is always seeking expression. At any given time Cone has 10 or 12 works underway in his studio.

There is no end to the "Spirit." Cone will always create - now and forever...

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