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American Flag 48 Star WWII Naval Ensign Battle Flag

Size: 9 feet (108 inches) x 7 feet (83 inches)

Rare WWII Ensign Naval Battle flag.

Would have been flown and used on a large WWII Naval ships such as the Destroyer, Battleship, Carrier types. This flag would have been much to large for the LST or LCI's. This extremely large WWII U.S. Navy flag shows some of the most heavy duty stitching seen on most WWII Navy issued flag types. This flag shows heavy use wear with similar wear that is seen on some of the most famous WWII flags (most all of the D-Day landing craft flags). The wear on the ends and fragmented end fabric would have been ripped apart from 'salty' ocean conditions, sun exposure, and high winds. The history of what ship this flag was flown on or who recovered this WWII era 48 star flag is lost to history as it came from a wealthy military estate. While there are no clear factory and marker markings on this flag, they appear to be sun faded. This flag is  extremely massive and its size is similar to the documented flags used on large U.S. Naval battleships, destroyers, large vehicles transport ships, and aircraft carriers. While we will never know what ship this flag was used on, it remains a great piece of WWII Navy history.

*Please note the BLACK and WHITE photograph is a digital photo found through historical research of this flag and similar flag types.


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