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Marilyn & Marc: The Art of Great Fashion Event

  • Ruel Joyner

The 24e DESIGN CO. team was recently honored to take part in The Art of Great Fashion event at the Telfair Museum's Jepsen Center in Savannah. The soirée was all about honoring two top American icons: Marilyn Monroe and Marc Jacobs, both of whom are globally recognized for their contributions to the fashion industry and American popular culture.

Top: Joshua Poole, Ruel Joyner, Meredith Gray     Above: Ann Van Epps, Michael Brooks, Ruel Joyner, Jon Peters, Joshua Poole     Below: Jon Peters, Joshua Poole

Tons of members of the press and media were in attendance, including SOUTH Magazine's own publisher Michael Brooks and media maven Meredith Gray who have given must-read interviews with the one-and-only Marc Jacobs himself (both pictured with the 24e team above) taking photos and mingling with the models and guests.

The fashion show took place throughout the s brightly lit atrium with models showcasing the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 collection spanning along the venue's grand staircase. Live photoshoots were happening throughout the museum and the models were available to view the entire evening, which made for a really interative experience between the collection and the guests. The Marilyn Monroe exhbit was also not to be missed, with over 100 original works highlighting her global celebrity style.

The Art of Great Fashion event was a black-tie affair worthy of Hollywood elite, including a red carpet and an exclusive VIP reception area furnished and designed by 24e's own Joshua Poole. The overall vibe of the VIP space was just what you've come to expect from Savannah's premiere modern furniture store, featuring 24e's Kylie sofa and ottoman and signature cowling table made using actual reclaimed jet engines.

Our store was also thrilled to receive fabric from the Spring 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, which our talented design team fabricated into throw pillows for the VIP seating areas. Designing the event's VIP reception area really allowed our team to incorporate 24e's signature style with Marc Jacobs' iconic sense of fashion. It was truly the most popular gathering place of the night!

Thank you to everyone who helped collaborate to make this year's Great Art of Fashion event one to remember, from sponsors and members of the press, photographers and fashion models, servers and bartenders, and especially the patrons who purchased tickets and came out to support the arts and our great city of Savannah!

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